My favourite 8 cool apps

1. Any.DO

Anydo Icon This is brilliant. No more scrappy notes, no more forgetting to do things, now I have it all in Any.DO.

It gives daily planning and to-do lists, which syncs with the cloud so it works on all your devices and integrates with emails, calendar and Google tasks. It gives you alerts when you are due to do something, will schedule meetings for you and make calls, text and email. You can share lists with friends and colleagues, it even has speech recognition and to clear tasks you just need to shake it.

2. Timer +

timer +This is a handy little timer app.

It lets you set multiple timers at once – by the second, minute and hour. It’s got seven different alarms and you can save, label and reuse different times.

I love baking, so I use it when I’m cooking, and I’ve also saved the timer for my yoga stretches so I don’t have to reset it every time.

3. Cardmunch

CardMunch IconThis is great at networking events.

Instead of having an ever-growing stack of business cards that get thrown in a drawer and forgotten, this apps stores all the details on your phone.

All you do it take a picture of a business cards, and it reads the content, adds it to Outlook and links you to the person on Linked In.

4. Truecaller

truecaller iconTruecaller is basically a phone directory, the difference is that instead of having to look up numbers in a large book – or login into a website – they’re all together in one app your phone.

It has a global database of billions of phone numbers, so not only can you look up anyone you need to contact, anywhere, but if someone calls you, it automatically tells you who it is, even if you don’t have their number stored in your phone.

5. Notestab

notestab-iconThis is the best notes app I’ve found.

It doesn’t just let you take notes, it integrates them on your iPad, iPhone, Mac and PC. You can time stamp each one, share them on email, Twitter and Facebook and star them so they stay at the top of your list.

Very useful!

6. Gmail app

Gmail-app-iconA lot of people don’t seem to realise  the Gmail has its own app. I find it very handy as it means I can automatically access my emails without having to login via the website.

The app has loads of other features such as showing people’s profile pictures, organising mail by labelling and starring it, as well as allowing you to respond to Google+ posts straight from the app.

7. Evernote

EvernoteThis is a great app for saving ideas and inspiration and getting organised. All you have to do is write a note, record a voice reminder or take a photo of anything you want to keep note of, and it tags it, saves and syncs it and lets you search for it.

You can use it for anything – recipes, websites, good wine, business cards, receipts and recording white boards and flipcharts in meetings.

It will read the text in a photo, organises your notes by notebooks and tags, create to-do and tasks lists, email and tweet and share it all across all your devices.

8. Evernote Hello

evernote helloAnother handy app by Evernote. If you meet someone you need to remember, with this app, you can a photo of them and add notes.

For example, if I meet someone at a conference or event, I take their photo, then add details of who they are, where we met, what we talked about and it not only keeps a record but it will connect me with their Linked In and Facebook profiles.

What are you favourite apps? Any to add to my list?


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