8 apps to help keep your New Year’s Resolutions

Are you a goal-setter? Do you set New Year goals? I’m a goal setter, and always review my last year’s goals and set targets for the new year.

I make sure my goals are SMART, which stands for:

S – specific: as detailed as possible

M – measurable: how will I know when I have achieved it

A – accountable or assignable: who is going to do it (usually me)

R – realistic: is it achievable?

T – time-related: by when will I complete it – a specific date

I’ve found the following apps help me to stick to my resolutions and achieve my goals.



1. If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to be on time or even early and not rushing around then check out Citymapper. It shows you how walk, cycle, take the bus or tube to anywhere in London and other New York City, so there’s no excuse for being late. An added bonus, it even shows you how many calories you’ll burn – great for your fitness new years resolution.

Headspace logo


2. A big trend I’m seeing and hearing a lot about is “Mindfulness”. Headspace is a meditation app which helps quiet your mind, eliminate distractions and be present.  It has daily meditation session which is timed to help you train your mind.

Omfinder logo

OM Finder

3. Many of us set goals around our fitness level and how much we want to weigh. One of my goals is to do yoga and pilates regularly. The OM Finder app tells you when and where the nearest classes are, saves your favourites and gives you tips from local yogis. You can even invite your friends (because we all know it’s easier to stick to your fitness regime if you do it with a friend.)



4. I like to try to choose my attitude and one thing that keeps me in a better frame of mind is music. It lifts my mood and motivates me when I’m running. Spotify is a monthly music subscription and I like to download the playlist from both my friends and the popular playlist it features. My tip is to click the button and make sure you download the music so you can listen offline, which I do when I’m travelling on planes.

Any meeting 1

Any Meeting

5. If your New Year’s resolution is continual education then check out the Any Meeting app. It is designed for web and video conferencing, online meetings and webinars. It’s a brilliant tool for small businesses, and I use it to watch webinars on my Ipad.



6. How many people have problems keeping up with all the logins and passwords you need nowadays? 1Password solves all that. It’s safe, secure and convenient. You use one password which logs you into a secure interface where you can access all your websites and subscription based programmes.



7. Turboscan turns you phone into a mobile scanner. Take a picture of whatever you need to scan – documents, pages of books, receipts – and it turns them into a PDF or Jpeg, which you can then save on your device, into Evernote or Dropbox, or email it to yourself. It allows you to crop the picture, rotate it and it take three pictures of the document, combines them  and gives you the best possible image with a date stamp.



8. Penultimate saves paper which saves the environment. It’s made by Evernote and lets you write notes on your iPad or tablet, so you don’t need to have paper or pen. This creates electronic documents or your handwritten notes in no-time.


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