Jim Collins: inspirational business guru


I was lucky enough to have the unique opportunity to see the business guru Jim Collins speak at an industry event in Miami, so I would like to share some of his wisdom.

On people …

“Who first, what second – find the people you want to work with then create what you want them to do.”

“Get great young people, give them something big to do.”

“The best performers come up with something big to do.”

“Who should be on the bus, who should be off the bus, get the right people in the key seats, then determine where.”

“Reframe every question as who. Who do I want to be with me, who do I want to live with, who do I want to help me write – it’s all about help me get the right who.”

On entrepreneurship & business philosophy …

“Be rigorous not ruthless.”

“Size doesn’t make a company great.”

“What are the facts? The brutal facts. If you don’t confront the brutal facts, they will confront you.

“Do what you love, the money will follow.”

“Get the flywheel turning – overnight successes are 20 years in the making. “

“What are you passionate about.”

“Do what I do, what you are made to do and commit to a life in pursuit of excellence. Find your BEHAG (big hairy audacious goal). Focus all your energy onto it, one big thing, it’s what I am, what I do.”

“Are you like a restaurant, so exquisite, so exclusive, so good – that’s a powerful economic engine.”

On leadership …

“Personality is not leadership, celebrity is not leadership.”

“Some people confuse leadership and power.”

“What are you doing distinctively?”

And finally …

“Retire from worry, but not from work”

“Life mantra: life is people.  Time spent with people we love, doing things with people with love.”

Jim Collins: a truly inspiring and entrepreneurial man, who we can all learn from.


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