Kolbe Retreat

My Kolbe Retreat helps Forum members understand both themselves and other Forum members better, resulting in a greater individual understanding, the ability to work together as a team and gain the most out of the Forum experience.

It uses the Kolbe Index© to assess and reveal what makes you tick – your instincts that drive individual and group behaviour, enabling you to maximize your strengths.

This retreat combines an individual assessment, exercises, games and instructions on the Kolbe Index to increase the depth of knowledge between Forum members, building trust and enabling them to bond as a team and care for each other.

It creates a context where individuals can understand their similarities and differences and helps them to work well together as a Forum.

Prior the retreat, each person completes a Kolbe assessment, receiving an individual report describing their Modus Operandi (MO). I provide individual coaching reports and a group Forum report.

This is a highly interactive retreat where Forum members work in pairs and trios and the agenda is adjusted, based on the expectations, energy and progress on the day.

I am a Certified Kolbe Consultant.