Transformational Forum Training

Transformational Forum Training aims to facilitate more deep and meaningful discussions, enabling members to continuously learn, both about themselves and fellow Forum members, so they are able to interact with each other openly, personally and authentically.

The focus of the training is on vulnerability, curiosity, and emotions. It is based on three beliefs: firstly that most issues faced by people, whether personal or professional, have a strong emotional component; trying to solve problems rationally can block your success as it ignores your emotional needs; and people’s behaviour is consistent across different situations.

Transformational Forum Training uses these three assumptions to change the nature of the conversation within the Forum meeting.

Learning is based on a series of exercises during which Julia guides members through the process of examining, experiencing and practising these concepts.

Following Transformational Forum Training, delegates will have a:

  • Higher probability of a quality outcome
  • Everybody benefits not just the presenter
  • Learning a new way to be helpful
  • Increased authenticity